Welcome to the Anime-Beta Annual Cel Awards 2014 Edition!

Staff for 2014:

Jadeduo - Organizer, Webmistress, Survey Monkey (literally and figuratively), and all around Grand Poobah!

Animeobsessed - Awards, and they are absolutely lovely this year! A little information about the awards. The original design was created by hatefueled@deviantart.com and my daughter, Stephanie Hovden, was kind enough to take the basic gray image and transform it to the awards presented this year.

Visit the Forum POST!:

October 1-15: Preliminary testing of on Survey Monkey, finalizing of categories, final changes, timeline and list of tasks approved. *complete!*
October 16-31: Submit Entries *complete!*
November 1-15: Viewing Period *complete!*
November 16-30: Voting Period *complete!*
December 15th: Winners Announced

Best in Show Voting: December 16th thru the 31st
Winner Announced: January 1st

Now that all the nitty gritty is out of the way! Welcome to the 11th Annual, Anime-Beta Cel Contest, Anime-Beta for those not in the know is a forum for young, old, blue, new cel collectors of all varieties! We hold annual events like these, for multiple reasons #1 they are a blast!

So for the stats on this year, we have 181 Entries from 22 Individual Cel Collectors/Beta Members, which is an amazing turnout, and hopefully everyone will walk away with something! I've linked up the pieces to each collectors gallery, if the entry is not up in their online gallery, I have still linked up the main page of their gallery, so if you are interested you can check out their art collection.

There are a wide variety of animes represented here, from Magical Girl all the way through Mecha. There should be something for everyone!

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11/8/2014BetaAwards2014 now open.

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Title Last Updated
Best in Show Voting! (31) 12/1/2014

Accessories (6)

Action (12) 12/1/2014
Background (7) 11/8/2014
Bishonen (9) 11/8/2014
Bliss (6) 11/8/2014
Blood on the Ground (6) 11/9/2014
Creepy (4) 11/9/2014
Femininity (5) 11/9/2014
Funny (5) 11/9/2014
Furries (6) 11/16/2014
Group (7) 11/16/2014
Hanken (4) 11/16/2014
Harmony (4) 11/16/2014
Heroic (8) 11/16/2014
Itadakimasu! (8) 11/16/2014
Love (5) 11/16/2014
Maniacal Laughter (3) 11/16/2014
Mech and Tech (6) 11/16/2014
Muscles (4) 11/16/2014
OP/ED/Eyecatch (7) 11/16/2014
Outfit (6) 11/16/2014
Rage (12) 11/16/2014
Shocked (10) 11/18/2014
Sorrow (6) 11/18/2014
Tomboys (5) 11/19/2014
Tranquility (7) 11/19/2014
OPTIONAL: A Novel Setup (3) 11/19/2014
OPTIONAL: Are They? Or, Aren't They? (3) 11/19/2014
OPTIONAL: Eyes On Me (8) 11/19/2014
OPTIONAL: Posteriors (7) 11/19/2014

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